FEATURED BAND: Autumn Graveyard

Band Name: Autumn Graveyard
Genre: hardcore/metal
Location: Corning/Elmira, NY
     Autumn Graveyard is a band of five self-taught musicians. They are vocalist Ian Williams, guitarists Kenny Sheldon and Jon Schultz, bassist Jake Tiedt and drummer Jeffrey Siptrott. The band is a multi-styled hardcore / metal group that plays what they feel and everything just comes together in a style of their own. They are an epic mix of brutal screams and growls, grinding guitar riffs, a steady bass beat and pounding rhythmic blasts of the drums.
     They put a whole lot of energy into every melodically brutal performance they give. After their shows, they stick around to hang out with their fans and to support the bands they share the stage with. Some of the guys can even be found in the pit moshing with the fans.
     In the summer of 2011, Autumn Graveyard recorded a 3-song EP. The band plans to record a 6-song EP once they are able to save enough money to do so. In the meantime, they’re busy spending their time working and playing any shows they can.
Fore more information on Autumn Graveyard:

Reverbnation (http://www.reverbnation.com/autumngraveyard)-Janet Ballos


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  1. Awesome dudes, good band, they bust there ass and do a lot for the scene. Definitely worth checking out.

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