FEATURED BAND: Landslide Victory

Hailing from Watertown, NY, Landslide Victory is gaining some momentum in the regional music scene these days. This five piece monster of bouncing energy is a band that is perfect for fans of a multitude of different styles of aggressive rock. Hints of ska, punk, and hardcore are inter-meshed into a sound that could be labeled in each category, at any time, during any song. In actuality, Landslide Victory is a virtual hook factory.  The tremendously slick playing and production is coupled with intelligent lyrical musings about young rebellion and heartache. The formula here works, and is one that will help them in their journey forward.


I highly recommend that you start off with their old EP. Tracks like “This Is All for Us,” and “Make Our Move,” display the essence of what the band is trying to achieve overall. The band is slated to release their full length debut in early 2012. I personally can not wait to see where they go next.



Adam McAnulty – Vox/Synth/Screams
Adam Coursen – Guitar/Vox
Don Robinson – Guitar
Logan Patenaude – Drums
Matt Laclair – Bass


For more information on Landslide Victory –
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Landslide-Victory/114153098607577

-Erik Jensen


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