LED BY THE BLIND Releases debut music video

Led By The Blind has released their debut music video for “O#2”, a song from their 2011 release “Controversy”. The video is entirely self-produced and directed by Jamie Ervay, the drummer/singer of the band, on the ridiculously small budget of just $500. The video features a creepy storyline in which the main character (also played by Jamie Ervay) wakes up in an unfamiliar environment and can’t find his way out. The video has memorable visuals and a great cinematic style, giving some insight into the minds of the artists and giving the video a feel of it’s own that differs from the traditional style of music videos seen everyday. The video was shot regionally to the band over just 3 days with a Canon 6D camera. The editing and visual effects were all created over just a 30 day period.


Jamie had this to say, “I’m pretty proud of this video. It’s the first I’ve ever made of this magnitude and it’s the first time I’ve combined all of the skills I’ve acquired over the past decade. I give the credit to all the bonus features on ‘The Lord Of The Rings’, and ‘Matrix’ trilogies. I just hope people enjoy it.”


The video can be seen here http://youtu.be/ZNlNyw5YiU8 or at most any of the band’s web presences including http://www.ledbytheblind.com




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