New Release: BACTERIA – 24 Karat Lead


Bacteria are Dee Cross on vocals, John Fay on guitar and effects, and Matt Mesic on drums.  Bacteria was created as a side project while all three were in a death metal band called Hooker Dragger.  After HD’s demise, Bacteria became their main focus, tapping into the inspiration they got from the hardcore and metal of their youths, and adapting it to their taste for 21st century grind.  Bacteria is a hard and honest core sample of our collective interests and inspirations.  Bateria is from Ulster/Dutchess/Columbia counties in Upstate New York!

Bacteria Home Page


About Jim Gilbert

Jim Gilbert has been a photographer on and off for nearly 30 years. After concentrating on landscapes and portraits, Jim turned his focus to music photography. In doing so,Jim has become known throughout New York State as one of the more professional concert photographers on the scene. Music photography made a lot of sense as he has been an avid concert goer for over 20 years. In the past year, he has photographed over 200 bands including legends such as BB King, Charlie Daniels, Phil Lesh and Rob Zombie; his work covers all genres of music. He has been able to be on-stage to shoot many world-renowned acts and continues to love photographing up-and-coming acts that come through Upstate New York.

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