AVATAR opens for SEVENDUST at Upstate Concert Hall Feb 6th


When Sevendust comes to upstate it is guaranteed to be a great time.  Combine their powerful sound with the Italian Gothic metal sensation Lacuna Coil and Swedish-based melodic death metal band Avatar doing their first U.S. tour – be prepared to have your face melted.

When Avatar came onto the stage, the audience didn’t know what to think of this five piece ensemble.  Upstate Metal ran into the founder and drummer, John Alfredsson, an hour or so before the show at Pizza Hut of all places and got the lowdown on the set.  The plan was  for 30-40 minutes of in your face metal, a little theatrics, and hopefully to impress the American crowd.  Well, I think they undersold the “little” theatrics, but they definitely impressed the American crowd.  When John founded the band in 2001 with singer, Christian Rimmi, it took the duo 2 years to get settled in and find the rest of the permanent members.  So, with almost 10 years of touring Europe under their belt it was time for them to break into the states.  Being on a Sevendust & Lacuna Coil tour guaranteed Avatar a lot of metal heads will see their music for the first time.  Were they ready? Absolutely.


Christian’s theatrics proved to entice and excite the crowd at Upstate Concert Hall.  Guitars shredded and drums pounded but all eyes were on the frontman to see what the hell was he going to do next.  Coming out in a black executioner style mask for the first song, he then headed backstage to change it up a bit.  When Christian reappeared for the second song, a friend of mine and Upstate Metal editing master, Chris Fleischmann accurately described him as the result of Alice Cooper and Freddy Kruger having a love child.  A demented love child that fronted a band of Swedish misfits.  In a good way.  The set played out and Avatar won themselves some fans.  They hung out at the merchandise table for most of the night and was even seen at the bar a time or two.  I’d say run out and buy their new album, Black Waltz, but who am I kidding.  Go over to iTunes and give it a listen.


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About Jim Gilbert

Jim Gilbert has been a photographer on and off for nearly 30 years. After concentrating on landscapes and portraits, Jim turned his focus to music photography. In doing so,Jim has become known throughout New York State as one of the more professional concert photographers on the scene. Music photography made a lot of sense as he has been an avid concert goer for over 20 years. In the past year, he has photographed over 200 bands including legends such as BB King, Charlie Daniels, Phil Lesh and Rob Zombie; his work covers all genres of music. He has been able to be on-stage to shoot many world-renowned acts and continues to love photographing up-and-coming acts that come through Upstate New York.

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